ienaka-ryugaku concept コンセプト

家中留学 - ienaka-ryugaku - is a Share-House made up of English native speakers who are serious about learning Japanese and Japanese native speakers who are serious about learning English. Our goal is to turn daily life into an intensive learning experience.

家中留学 ienaka-ryugaku

Are you as satisfied with your life in Japan, as you imagined before you got here? Many foreigners in Japan have difficulties when adapting to a new culture, like belonging to a comfortable local community.

We think it would be nice to have a comfortable community that would foster a feeling of belonging and cultivate a positive environment for language learning.

Here, you can shift your learning opportunities from the classroom/office to your daily life. Why don’t you make the most of this community and achieve whatever your goals you have with us. Bring excitement into your home!

ienaka-ryugaku lounges
ienaka-ryugaku kitchens

Lang Boat Kanda has two lounges with kitchens, where we frequently share thoughts or ideas about anything from daily life.
In this way, we naturally hear and speak both languages and learn from each other.
This is the best part of this life.

The members of this share house have concrete goals for how proficient we want to be in the target language. We often discuss and suggest ideas for how we can improve our language skill in enjoyable ways. For example, Post-It-Everywhere System: any time you learn something new, stick it to the wall so others can see and learn too.

ienaka-ryugaku Post-It

ienaka-ryugaku step to move 入居までの流れ

step1. Contact

Press the "CONTACT" button on the top corner and send us your visiting shedule.
Please join facebook group, if you have facebook account. Latest infomation will be uploaded in this group.

step2. Visit

You'll receive email from our staff soon. Please come to see the share house in person and have some conversation with other members. It'll help you imagine the life in LBK(LANG Boat Kanda)!

step3. Application/Contract

A screening for moving-in will be done after short interview.

ienaka-ryugaku schedule スケジュール

Upcoming Events

Application is now open
* 2 rooms, for English speaker, are available now!
 (One room will be available soon.)
* Open house and orientation will be hold occasionally.
 If you’d like to visit LANG Boat Kanda or join
 orientation, please press the "CONTACT" button on the top
 corner and send.

Past Events

Nov 1st, 2013
Meetup for Language Exchange Share House!!
Oct 26th, 2013
Short Presentation in Foreign Languages
Oct 26th, 2013
Meetup for Language Exchange Share House!!
Jun 30, 2013
2013 Short Presentation in JP/EN (Vol.4)
May 25, 2013
Short Presentation in JP/EN(Vol.3)
April 13, 2013
Langboat Kanda Café
March 9, 2013
SAKELIFE×Ienaka-Ryugaku Japanese sake drinking party
February 3, 2013
Language Exchange in LBK (Vol.3)
February 2, 2013
LBK Monthly party: Wine Party 18:00~ Photos
January 27, 2013
Language Exchange in LBK (Vol.2)
January 20, 2013
Language Exchange in LBK (Vol.1)
Music&Sweetsパーティ Photos
オープニングパーティ Photos
第1陣メンバー 入居開始
第1陣メンバー 審査・入居者決定
第1陣メンバー 入居申込み受付開始

ienaka-ryugaku members 家中留学メンバー

Japanese Speakers: 10, English Speakers: 7

  • Yuta Hagiwara 家中留学


  • 岡崎由希子 家中留学


  • Aya Yamazaki 家中留学


  • 大津 達朗 家中留学


  • 岡崎雄太 家中留学


  • Yutaro Hongo 家中留学


  • Htiroki 家中留学


  • kyohei 家中留学


  • tomoko 家中留学


  • Prasad 家中留学


  • sami 家中留学


  • simone 家中留学


  • Justin Sharps 家中留学


  • Kim 家中留学


  • Hon 家中留学


  • eileen 家中留学


  • 家中留学


  • 家中留学


ienaka-ryugaku about property 物件概要

[Ienaka Ryugaku Vol1] Lang Boat Kanda
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Awajicho on the Marunouchi-line/
Ogawamachi on the Toei-Shinjuku-line
63,000~83,000 Yen
Utility Cost
15,000 Yen
2 Lounges with a TV and a Kitchen each, 2 shower rooms, 2 bath/shower rooms with a bathtub, 4 Toilets, 5 washing machines, 3 Drying machines, WiFi, 1 awesome roof
Number of Rooms
chores (i.e. taking out the garbage, cleaning) are distributed among the residents.
ienaka-ryugaku 物件間取り



ienaka-ryugaku produced by 家中留学プロデュース

Planning and management


The concept of a 'Share house' is becoming a familiar living style to many in Japan. If you're looking for a share house,
instead of asking "where is it?" and "how much?" you might try asking "with whom?" and "how?"
This is the concept behind Colish.


produced by colish

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